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Imaginaxion offers the ideal tool for those who wish to stay in contact with customers concerned about the periodical news of a company: the Newsletter. This promotional module gives an easy-to-handle user-friendly interface, allowing users to manage their members and their archives.

The well disposed Edition interface, will allow you to edit your Newsletter in a clear and concise manner. Imaginaxion’s Newsletter software guaranties that the disposition of your pictures and text goes perfectly with all mail applications. Also, Imaginaxion will shape your templates so as to exploit, through image, the maximum of your company’s message.

Rental service

Imaginaxion’s Newsletter is only available as a rental service. Our goal is to give your customers a product that will evolve and adapt itself to the ever changing technology; it is therefore necessary for us to centralise this module. All the more, we guaranty you that the server has the capacity to send high quantity mail, and has a state of the art level of security.

*Tested on 11 e-mail client (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Thunderbird, etc.)