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Search engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the ensemble of techniques allowing a Web site’s visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc. There are two types:

- Passive referencing on search engines
- Pay Per Click

Passive referencing on search engines

This type of search engine is all about integrating a maximum of key words in the Source Code of Internet pages. These key words must be chosen under important criteria.

  • Your Web site’s activity (Hostelry, Catering, etc.)
  • The positioning of its competitors (Be there where your competitors are).
  • Search capacity of chosen key words.

Pay Per Click

Google offers an on-hand service allowing for quick Internet search. This type of search engine optimization consists in buying key words on the Google Adwords’ interface

It is important to note that Cost referencing cannot replace Natural referencing. This technique of S.E.O is a very good extra when we want to promote a new site or a publicity campaign.